The Minivers: Minivers Forever Book Four

Author: Natalie Jane Prior

SKU: 9781742532073

The Minivers are reunited.
The Most Secret Room has been found.
Now Rosamund and Emily must battle Madame to see who will be queen . . .

Join miniature heroines Rosamund and Emily Miniver as they get ready to face their greatest challenge: the fight for the throne of Artemisia itself.

Madame and Titus are determined to triumph and see Madame crowned Queen.  To ensure their success, Titus has some nasty surprises in store for the Minivers.  Can Emily outwit Titus one last time?  And can Rosamund avoid making a decision that could keep the Minivers from the top of the charts forever?

Price: $10.99
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19 Feb 2015
Sylvia Day is coming to Australia
Sylvia Day, the number one Sunday Times and number one international bestselling author of the Crossfire series and more than a dozen novels translated into forty languages, is coming to Australia in March 2015. There are millions of copies of Sylvia's books in print, and she is a number one bestseller in twenty countries. A Goodreads Choice Award nominee for Best Author, she has won the RT Book Reviews Reviewers' Choice Award and been nominated for Romance Writers of America's prestigious RITA award twice.

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